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Zen and the Art of Social Media


No followers or
One million followers: what
Is the difference?

Only follow people
Who you have a profound, deep
Affinity with.
Show compassion for
Your followers; and they will
Return it to you.

From time to time, switch
Off your mobile and go and
Commune with nature.
Don't be envious
Of the lifestyle of others;
Embrace your own life. 

What is real and what
Is not real? What is projection,
Sham, scam, or fiction?
Without seeking to
Confront the world - quietly
Spell out your own truth.
Just because your post
Gets ignored  - doesnt mean that
It is a bad post.
Just because your post
Goes viral - doesn't mean that
It is a good post.

Accept that when you
Wake up there may be no new
Share but don't share too
Much; submit but don't submit;
Post but don't post all.
Forgive the trolls;
Invariably they're in
A worse place than you.

Remember - even
On the busiest platforms
You can feel lonely.

When you are attacked
Stay calm: you are not in
Physical danger.
Before you post: breathe,
Re-read your words - then count up
To ten and submit.
Sometimes your phone will
Buzz with notifications;
But sometimes it won't.
Do you want to lead
An instagram life? Or a
Duller, more real one?

Don't be influenced
By the influencers; trust
In your own research.
Put down your selfie
Stick; look outwards at the world;
Flip your camera. 
Obsessing over
Your number of followers
Will either lead to
Vanity or depression:
Neither is very helpful.
You never need to
Know who has unfollowed you;
Let them go; move on.

Free holidays, free
Cosmetics; free phones; free books
Do not make you free.
Exercise caution
Because people may not be
Who you think they are.

Are you addicted
To notifications? Are
They your drug of choice?
If you'd still post your
Post on an empty forum -
Then you pass the test.





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