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Man and Superman

First he get on the cloak I made him
And he use his x-ray vision on me and say
What colour knickers I got on (though he know already).

Then he fly down from what he call the North Pole
(Which is a cupboard) and he save me
From the badness of that Rex bloke.

But he donít see that Iím still under the evil
So I get him with that Krypton stuff
(Which is a paper weighting thing with green bits)

And he go all sapped on the carpet
And he fall for my charms and go mad in love.
But then he use his sheet of lead (which he made of wood),

Which block out the Krypton and he come at me
With all his powers and use his breath
Until he has me under his mercy.

Then he go up and away to his planet
(Which is near the bathroom) and he sleep knowing
That all human peoples is safe from badness.






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