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Ole Mr Blanchflower Wot Allus Do the ‘nnouncements At the Troshin' Fair Tell ‘em Wot’s On

Fust we hev on an expedition of thatchin’
Wot include layin’ and tyin’ and cross-hatchin’,
Follered at two by a tork on eel catchin’.

Then we hev the W.I. singin’ for yew
Thar own varsion of Jerusalem, wot’s bran new
(Tho’ Mrs Black int har cos she’s orf with the flu).

At three we’ll be a hevin’ the best tastin’ caerke
(Wot, this yar, ‘ll be judged by the Reverend Blake),
Then the Broadshire Battle Grup—arter a short break

Will be a doin’ thar Hastin’s (1066).
Larst we hev the Thrupston Morris Men and thar sticks,
Accompanied on harmonicals by Sid Hicks.






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