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A Clerk at the Department of Employment Explains to a Claimant The New Regulations on Actively Seeking Work

During the first week of your Unemployment Benefit Claim
You will not be required to be Actively Seeking Work – or A.S.W.
(As we call it here) – but after that, the onus, Mr Lane

Falls firmly upon you to show the steps that you have taken to
Find work: all applications sent, all enquiries made
Which you should bring along to your two-weekly interview.

Since you have training, Mr Lane, in a specific trade
We will allow you 13 weeks in which to look for this kind of work
But after this ‘permitted period’ has elapsed then I’m afraid

That you will be expected to apply for any full-time work.
And, if, in the course of time, our interviews reveal
An insufficient effort on your part (say only one enquiry a week)

Then we will be forced to deem you as not A.S.W.. Further refusal
To seek work could result in the suspension of your benefit
(Though you would, of course, have the usual right of appeal).






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