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Four Paintings by Edvard Munch

The Storm

That night she would not
Come back to the house - so we
Stayed with her there at

The sea's edge - waiting
And waiting - while the wind
Bent and cracked trees and

Huge unstoppable
Waves crashed down onto the dark
Rocks of Asgardstrand.



Here in the forest
Are the two lovers: the man
With his head in his

Hands and the woman
With her arms raised up, clutching
Her river of hair -

Caught in this moment's
Desperate despair; and set
Behind them the woods'

Darkening presence
Encroaching and circling and
Closing about them.


The Scream

Am I out of my
Mind? I don't know. I cover
My ears with my hands

But I cannot block
Out the sound of the sea's voice
Raging and roaring:

A sound which deadens
And deafens me - a sound that
Nobody else hears.


Self Portrait at the Window

Inside the window
Your face burns bright red - driving
Back the cold light from

The snow covered trees
And the chill from the iced-up
Radiator; staring

At us glumly and
Defiantly - but for how
Much longer old man?






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