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Go Mountain Biking

Once underway, let your bike move beneath you like a boat.

Rest lightly on your saddle, pedals and handlebars; learn to shift your weight easily; accept what gravity, the air in your tyres and the suspension in your limbs can do for you.

Adapt yourself to the trail; learn to unravel its sinuous shapes; relish its rocks and roots; deal with its drop-offs.

When you come to an obstacle, slow down and pick your best line; you’ll be amazed at what you can roll through.

When climbing, knuckle down but relax; no hill lasts forever.

When descending, keep your weight back and your brakes covered; absorb the trail's harsh feedback, but savour the frantic, arm-rattling plunge.

Whenever possible ride with friends, for biking is always better in company.

However, when your head is full of work and stress ride on your own and let nature refill you.

Without deserting your family, ride as often as you can; you will not be here forever.

Ride in all weathers: let your wheels crack the ice on puddles; let your helmet-peak drip with summer rain and your head buzz with joyous, sweaty-heat.

And, from time to time, when the strength in your legs fails (as it certainly will) stay calm; eat and drink and get back on your bike.

Always ride within your ability, but always push yourself too.

Be at one with the rocks and the trees - for, after all, they are made of the same components as yourself.

Behind you, leave only the smallest tyre track.






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