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The Old World Museum

(I) The Last Skylark


In this next section of The Old World Museum (preserved on video tape)
We have a rare recording of what is believed to have been an ocean—

(A hydrogen-oxygen compound) that covered, we think, part of the outer globe
(Prior, that is, to the massive vaporization of Period 1)

And in order to experience at first hand how this land-sea interface would have been
(Again, that is, prior to the start of surface non-viability)

Our experts have matched it to an ancient chromium-dioxide sound source.
Some of you may pick out a sound that we think is the wind (a nitrogen-oxygen compound)

Which is believed to have circulated globally (prior, that is, to Period 2)
And may have resembled in many ways our own sub-surface ventilation system.

You may also pick out a high-oscillation/high-frequency sound source
Emitted, we believe, by an organic creature (a hydrogen-oxygen-carbon compound)

Which was capable of maintaining altitude by means of aerodynamics
(Prior, that is, to the black-out of the stratosphere in Period 3)

And, may, we think have been called a lark.


(II) Book-Ends


In this next section of The Old World Museum (preserved in vacuum canisters)
We have some rare printed-sheet-amalgams—which are thought to have manipulated

At a crude level nerve-end responses in a manner similar to that of the Vicariograph.
In Canister 1, we have an amalgam (somewhat damaged) that was conceived by a man  named Hamlet

Who, it is believed, created a series of these crude continuum scenarios.
In Canister 2, we have a collection of shorter continuum scenarios conceived by a man named helley

Who, it is thought, suffered from some form of neural imbalance 
Brought about by his enslavement to a female dictator of the Old World, known, we think, as the Moose.






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