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Twitter Haiku

Like two old people
We go arm in arm along
The icy pavement.
Among the lanes and
Fields of Norfolk - a lifetime
Is barely enough.

I am an addict:
A river addict. Each day
I must get my fix.

When wearing a face
Mask - you have to soon learn how
To smile with your eyes.

You never need to
Know who has unfollowed you;
Let them go; move on.

I show my love by
Taking the bins out and by
Peeling potatoes.
Today, only the
Jackdaws and I haunt this old
Place by the river.

If you're lucky with
Poetry - you may manage
To give it away.
Sometimes with haiku
We discover that less is
Actually less.

There is a subtle
Difference between being
Alive and living.
Sometimes suffering
Never ends; all you can do
Is endure better.
One moment you are
Learning to walk: the next you
Hobble on a stick.
Tightly spooled in your
Own darkness - you held grudges
And kept old secrets.

I came back as a
Ghost - hauting this landscape of
Rivers and churches.
Move towards the heat
And the light; move away from
The cold and the dark.

While the storm raged, I
Grafted in the mud - planting
Trees for the future.
Good riddance Donald
Trump. And may all your golf balls
End up in the rough.

It doesn't matter
How important you are - you're
Still going to die.
I was born in the
Summer, but it always felt
Like deepest winter.

Grief is natural,
But depression is always
Out of proportion.
Nothing matters much -
Just the habitation of
This fleeting moment.

Like Dante, I walked
the circles of hell - till I
Rebeheld the stars.
It was not your fault;
It was simply that you
Had no love to give.

It's not how far you
Get - but what you overcome
To get there that counts.
Stick around. If not
For yourself, then for all the
People who love you.

If you would like to
Find out who your real friends
Are - become depressed.
I came back from the
Dead - not at a gallop but
One inch at a time.

During long lockdowns
Exercise the old brain by
Counting syllables.
Nightmares go when you
Wake up; with depression they
Start when you wake up.

Working can be bad
For your mental helath - but not
Working can be worse.
In the past, when I
Was stressed, I used to speed up
But now I slow down.
With depression, it
Is better to trust your eyes
Than to trust your mind.
Women like men; men
Like women; men like men and
Women like women.

Move towards the pain:
Accept it and embrace it;
Let it absolve you.
How long must you let
The past punish you before
You let go of it?
Like Prometheus
I am in chains - scanning the
Sky for the eagle.




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