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That Thar Thorpe Rail Dissarster (1874)

Well, yew see that orl come about dew to confooshun
At Norrige Railway Stearshun

Wen the inspector bluk, he tell the Brundall trearn
To come down the track in pourin rearn

Just as the Londun trearn - at the same toime
Was a coming up the searme line

Ter Yarmuff. Well, they wus buth gorn farst
So wen they git to Thorpe - well blast

Thar wus a hooge gret crash
Wot sound like thunder and smash

Orl them thar carriages to bits -
So that int surprisin that its

The wust trearn crash wot Norfolk hev had.
In fact, that wus so bad

That by the Yare side
That noight, twetty five people died.




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