Further Reading


The Lost Villages of Norfolk by Keith Allison (Norfolk Archaeology Vol XXX1, 116-162)

Deserted Medieval Villages
by Maurice Beresford and John Hurst (1971)

Deserted Villages in Norfolk
by Alan Davison (Poppland Publishing)

The Ruined and Disused Churches
of Norfolk by Neil Batcock (East Anglian Archaeology Report No 51)

The History of Norfolk
by Francis Blomefield

History, Gazetteer and Directory of Norfolk 1845 by William White

Faden's Map of Norfolk

An Historical Atlas of Norfolk
edited by Peter Wade-Martins

The Origins of Norfolk by Tom Williamson

A Popular Guide to Norfolk Place-names by James Rye

Online Resources
Norfok Heritage Explorer

Faden's Map of Norfolk

The History of Norfolk by Francis Blomefield

Norfolk Churches by Simon Knott

Invisible Works by Nick Stone

Deserted Settlements and Ruined Churches by Ian Groves

Aerial Photographs (Churches) by John Fielding

Abandoned Communities by Stephen Fisk





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