Little Hautbois

That sense of something
Vanished like ghost light fleeing
In the Bure's mirror.

Little Hautbois (prounounced Hobbis) lies 9 miles north-east of Norwich. The name is not related to 'high wood' in French but derives from 'meadow with tussocks'. (Or possibly from its connection with the de Hait Bois family.) Both Little Hautbois and Great Hautbois are deserted villagers; they both sit on the River Bure - just above Coltishall.

Little Hautbois Hall

The village is now consolidated with Lammas but at one time was a separate parish with its own church - St Mary's. The church was abandoned in the 16th Century and once stood in what are now the grounds of Little Hautbois Hall - close to the river. No remains of the church are visible today. The hall is an Elizabethan style brick mansion - originally built in 1553.

In 1334 Little Hautbois was tiny; in 1428 it was exempt from Lay Subsidies and in 1845 it had only 42 residents.

Today the village is very sparsely populated with a couple of houses and a farm. There is a picturesque bridge over the River Bure, a lovely walk across the water meadows and the Bure Valley miniature railway runs through the village. It is also a great place to launch a canoe.

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