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Norfolk Limericks by Henry Skipper


Thar wus an old bluk from Hoom Hale
Wot stood on a bloomin' gret nail -
That goo thru his sole
And mearke a big hole
And leave him lookin' terrubly pale.
Thar wus an ole bluk from Croomer
Wot hev a particlar aroma
He fish fer them crabs
Them whitin' and dabs
So 'Stinky' wunt rearly a misnomer.
One winter, an ole bluk from Hoe
Hed a tractor wot wunt hardly goo -
He give at a start
But that let out a fart
And he end up walkin' thru snoo.
Thar wus a young mawther from Sustead
Arter hum orl the boys lusted -
She wore a tight top
Wot shew wot she got
Wot leave em orl toterlly flustared.
Thar wus a young boy from Fakenum
Whose toys he wus allus brearkenum -
No matter how strong
They wunt larst long
Cos o' how he kept shearkenum.
Thar wus an ole boy from Diss
Wot hed terrible trubble ter piss -
His GP, she say
Please bend over this way
And she put in har finger loike this.
Thar wus 'n' ole gal from Cley
Wot dint loike hevin to fly -
When gornta Spaern
She hop orn the traern
And sit thar as happy as pie.
Thar wus a young bor from Frettenum
Whose pants he were continually wettenum -
Yet despite his mum's shouts
He continued in spouts
And dint shew no signs o' regrettenum.




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