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Another Song of Another Norfolker

By John Knowlittle (aka the naturalist Arthur H. Patterson)

Bor, I never cood arn much money,
  No matter how 'ard I try'd;
But never wor short o' dumplins
  Or a good owd eel well fry'd.

Bor, I ha' found owd Norfolk frindly,
  An' I married a Norfolk gal,
An' when I cum off o' the marshes,
  I've found her a good owd pal.

Law! I ha' lived wi' monkeys,
  And worked where the lions roar,
But I longed tu heer t' owd curlews
  "Whaup" front o' th' houseboat door.

So I drifted back tu owd Norfolk,
  And heer I intend tu 'bide;
For the bards, an' t' fishes, an' people
  Of Norfolk, air all my pride.

When Broadland is left for Jordan,
  And Charon cum over th' styx,
Du delve a deep hole in owd Norfolk
  Whose sile wi' my ashes shell mix.

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