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by Rev. Robert Potter M.A.

O come, and range with me th' inspiring glades
Where Leicester spreads the lawns and forms the shades;
On Holkham's plains bids Grecian structures rise,
And the tall columns shoot into the skies;
Beneath whose proud survey, extended wide,
New scenes, new beauties charm on ev'ry side.
Here crowned with woods the shaded hills ascend,
In open light there the low vales extend;
Here in rich harvests waves the ripen'd grain,
And there fresh verdure cloathes the pastur'd plain,
Sweetly intermix'd, and lovely to behold,
As the green emerald enchased in gold.

Lo, Leicester comes! before his mast'ring hand
Flies the rude genius of the savage land;
The russet lawns a sudden verdure wear;
Starts from the wond'ring fields the golden ear;
Up rise the waving woods, and haste to crown
The hill's bare brow, and shade the sultry down.
The shelter'd traveller sees, with glad surprise,
O'er trackless wilds th' extended rows arise;
And, as their hospitable branches spread,
Blesses the friendly hand that form'd the shade.
Joy blooms around, and cheers the peasant's toil,
As smiling plenty decks the cultivated soil;
The bright'ning scenes a kinder genius own,
And natures finishes what art begun.


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