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I Live On A River

by Derek Neville

I live on a river,
And I watch the universe every day,
There, in the water,
As it flows to the ocean.

I watch the flow of the universe.
I see how the dust is caught up,
The chemicals assembled,
The forms put together,
Man-made or nature-made,
It is all the same!

For man is only a sub-contractor
For God.
He puts out some of his work,
And pays, not by the hour, nor by the year,
But on the basis of motive.

I see the movement of the planet,
This little electron swinging in its atom
With the sun for a nucleus,
And I marvel that men are so blind
That they cannot see that all outward things
Are on the move.

There is nothing still,
Nothing that does not flow as surely as this river.
The outward world is simply the energy of God
Made manifest in time and space.

And whether we know it or not,
We all live on a river.
Pavements, perhaps, instead of rushes.
The wild forget-me-nots gone,
And a block of flats where the Mimulus-might-have-been;
But it is a river just the same,
Cement, or steel, plastic or plasterboard,
City or mountain, slum, suburb, or Ascot,

It is a river flowing to the Eternal,
Out of the invisible,
Into Time and Space,
And back to the Invisible.

(Appears by kind permission of Jonathan Neville.)


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