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Norfolk and Good

Lyrics by The Kipper Family


In praise of our county we're going to sing
Against this fine place we will not hear a thing.
If you speak ill about it, you speak a falsehood
For our native county is Norfolk and good.

Norfolk and good, Norfolk and good
We are the boys who are Norfolk and good.

Now Nelson from Norfolk he took on the world
Lady Hamilton thought him an absolute pearl
But Hardy said Nelson was misunderstood,
He reckoned his kissing was Norfolk and good.

Now Kent have its hops and the Cornish their pasties
And Lancashire hot pot can be awfully tasty
In Cheshire there's cheese and in Yorkshire there's pud
But my wife's old dumplings are Norfolk and good.

Now the rich folk of London our county have found
Which means that the houses cost thousands of pounds
They all feel at home in our neighbourhood
So we let them know that they' re Norfolk and good.

Now our Norfolk turkeys are simply the best,
They sure knock the stuffing out of the rest
And if you tried one I'm sure that you would
Agree that our turkeys are Norfolk and good.

Norfolk and good, Norfolk and good,
We are the boys who are Norfolk and good.

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