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Julian of Norwich (c.1342- after 1416)

St. Julian's Church lies on St. Julian's Alley - a small lane which connects King Street to Rouen Road. It was here that she wrote her book The Revelations of Divine Love in a cell attached to the south wall of the original church. The church was badly damaged during WW2 bombing and was substantially rebuilt.

Statue of Julian at Norwich Cathedral

Statue of Julian of Norwich by David Holgate

Julian was the first woman to write a book in English. It is likely that she was associated with Carrow Priory and may have been educated by the nuns there. (The remains of the priory now stand on land owned by Reckitt and Colman but are not accessible to the public.)

When she was 30 years old Julian became severely ill and during this time received a number of visions or 'showings' - which she later wrote down. After recovering from her illness she spent many years pondering the significance of her visions. She taught that God should be seen as loving and that our suffering should not be viewed as God's punishment but as a means of understanding him more fully. Her writings have had a profound influence on Christian thought ever since.

She wrote two accounts of her 'showings': an earlier short version and a second longer version. One of her famous lines: 'And all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well ' was incorporated by T.S. Eliot in the concluding section of Little Gidding in The Four Quartets. (Read Julian's All Shall Be Well)

In later life Julian lived as a anchoress in the church and took her name from it. (Her real name is unknown.)

There is a new statue of Julian by the west door of Norwich cathedral - which was carved by the sculptor David Holgate.

Accommodation for those wishing to visit the church is available at All Hallows House which lies next to the church.

St. Julian's Chapel

St. Julian's Church


Inside St Julian's Church

Inside St. Julian's Church


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