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Gleaning Time in Suffolk

by John Impit Lushington (Quill)

Why, listen you - be quiet bo'! - the bell is tolling eight -
Why, don't yow mind what yow're about? - We're allers kind o' late!
Now, Mary, get that mawther dressed - oh dear! how slow yow fare -
There come a lot o' gleaners now. - Maw', don't stand gawkin' there!

Now, Janie, goo get that 'ere coach, an' put them pillars in -
Oh! won't I give yow, my dear, if I do once begin!
Get that 'ere bottle, too - ah, yow may well stand there an' sneer;
What will yowr father say, d'ye think, if we don't taak his beer?

Come, Willie! - Jane, where is he gone? Goo yow an' fetch that child
If yow don't move them legs of yow'rn, yow'll maak me kind o' riled.
There, lock the door, an' lay the key behind that 'ere old plate;
An' Jemmy, yow run on afore, and ope the whatefeld gate.

Well here we be at last - oh, dear! how fast my heart do beat!
Now, Jane, set yow by this 'ere coach, an' don't yow leave your seat
Till that 'ere precious child's asleep; then bring yow that 'ere sack
An' see if yow can't try today to kin' o' bend your back!

Yow'll all wish, when the winter come, and yow ha'en't got no bread,
That for all drawlin' about so, yow'd harder wrought instead;
For all your father 'arn most goo old Skin'em's rent to pay,
And Mister Last, the shoemaker; so work yow hard, I pray.

Dear me! there goo the bell agin - 'tis seven, I declare;
An' we don't 'pear to have got none; - the gleanin' now don't fare
To be worth nothin'; but I think - as far as I can tell -
We'll try a coomb, somehow, to scratch, if we be 'live an' well.
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