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Horsham St Faith

Horsham St Faith lies four miles north of Norwich. After the Norman invasion Horsham and Newton St Faith were given to William the Conqueror's armourer. His grandson, Robert Fitzwater built St. Faith's Priory in 1106. The parish church, which replaced the Saxon church, dates back to the 13th century.

The poet Robert Southwell was born in the priory in c.1561. He was educated as a Jesuit priest in Douai and Rome and then, on his return to England in 1586, took Roman orders.

Robert Southwell

Horsham St Faith Village Sign

Horsham St Faith Village Sign

In 1589 he became the chaplain to the Countess of Arundel and was arrested in 1592 while going to mass. He was imprisoned and repeatedly tortured before being hanged at Tyburn in 1595.

His main work was St Peter's Complaint (1595) - but he is probably best known for The Burning Babe - a poem which was praised by Ben Jonson. He was beatified in 1929 and canonized in 1970.

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