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Langham lies on the north Norfolk coast - a few miles inland from Blakeney.

Captain Frederick Marryat (1792-1848) - the nautical novelist - lived and farmed in Langham. He is buried in the churchyard.

Grave of Captain Marryat

Grave of Captain Marryat

Marrayat had a successful career in the navy  - rising to become Captain of HMS Ariadane in 1828. At about this time he started to write novels reflecting his life on board ship including: The Naval Officer (1829), The King's Own (1830) and Mr Midshipman Easy (1836). Due to the success of these novels (and an inheritance from his father) he resigned his commission to concentrate on his writing.

Frederick Marryat

Captain Frederick Marryat

He apparently obtained the estate at Langham by swapping it for his home in Hammersmith. However, Marrayat was not suited to farming and he eventually tried to re-enter the navy but was unsuccessful.

Today, he is best remembered for his children's stories - which were writtten at Langham and include: Children of the New Forest (1847) and  Settlers in Canada (1844).

Langham Airfield was used to film some of the scenes in The Dambusters.





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